Locals bringing youth festival to Delmarva this summer

DELMARVA-  The owner of Kylan Barn and AMP Studios are teaming up to give the youth something to look forward too.

Doug Marshall, said he plans to put on a youth festival at the amphitheater at Kylan Barn, in Delmar.

He said the goal is to have a big show in June that kids across Delmarva can audition to be a part of.

To practice for that big show, there will be a mini series of shows where they will go to different businesses in the area and perform there.

Marshall said he wanted to do this after he saw how many live events that kids could participate be canceled.

“Give them something to look forward to because that is what the worst thing of this COVID is everyday something is canceled or closed and these musicians they need to play they are put on earth to play and I hope to provide the venue to let them do that,” Marshall, a Leader For Delmarva Youth Festival, said.

Marshall said going forward he hopes that they can make this an annual event.

He said youth ages 14 to 18 can audition at AMP studios.

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