High school senior hosts “Operation Ocean Hope” event for kids in Berlin

BERLIN, Md.- Getting kids together, that was a big focus for an event that took place Saturday morning in Berlin, led by a Stephen Decatur high school senior for his capstone project.

“Our goal here is to give these kids a day where they can do fun activities and just kind of get out into the community again,” Brady Esham, the leader of this project, said.

Brady Esham partnered with Ocean Front Counseling to host Operation Ocean Hope at the Healing Arts Center to bring kids with autism and those who struggling in social settings to a safe place, especially during the pandemic.

“Brady has autism and for Brady it was very important to do an activity that would be in the community that children with and without autism could be able to socialize together,” Dr. Sharon Willey-Spurrier, Ocean Front Counseling President, said.

During the event, there were four stations that kids could participate in, a rock scavenger hunt, a drawing station, and indoor campfire, and outdoor games.

“I feel like an event like this has a lot of atmosphere and when you have an event with atmosphere it really created a sense of community where people kind of come together,” Esham said.

Esham said as the leader for this project, it’s great seeing the community stepping in to support these kids.

“It’s one of the things of planning events and leading people is seeing how one person does something to help someone else and then that leads to a spiral effect, which literally can change the world,” Esham said.

Going forward, Ocean Front Counseling said they would love to continue to host more events like this one to give families a place to bring their kids.

“If a child has a meltdown, if they scream, its no big deal because you’re in a safe place to do that and that’s what we want to facilitate is for families to be comfortable in the community,” Dr. Willey-Spurrier, said.

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