Health officials making sure vaccine doses don’t get wasted

SALISBURY, Md.- Making sure no dose goes to waste, that’s the goal for local pharmacies and health officials at mass vaccination sites, as giving out shots becomes more frequent.

“We have not had a single dose go unused we have really tried hard to have a waiting list of people who can get the vaccine but maybe aren’t in the right category,” Craig Schury, a pharmacist and owner of Pemberton Pharmacy and Gift, said.

The Vice President for Population Health, for Tidal Health, said right now at the mass vaccination site, at the Wicomico Civic Center, they are seeing more capacity for people to get vaccinated.

“What we find at many places is that many people come in the morning and many people come in the afternoon, but often times in the middle of the day people are at work, so there’s not that many people coming at that time of the day, but there’s still capacity,” Kathryn Fiddler, Vice President for Population Health, for Tidal Health, said.

She said for most of the vaccines they’re using, they have less than a day to use doses in an open vile.

Adding, that one of the biggest challenges is making sure those doses are used, once opening a vile.

“So, I may have to open the very last person is just one person, but I have to open a vile that has 5 doses, and then i’ll work really hard, we all work really hard to find those 4 other people who haven’t been vaccinated,” Fiddler said.

Because sometimes there’s additional doses available at the end of the day, I’m told officials are reaching out to the community to make sure they get used.

“Call people on our waiting list to make sure they are able to come in if they are local, before we close in order to get those doses, we also have a few different patients who are home bound,” Schury said.

“So we use that at the end of the day, often times many of the individuals working in the clinics haven’t been vaccinated and have been waiting,” Fiddler said.

Now to put things in perspective,  there were over 1,500 doses given out Tuesday.

State Officials are encouraging people to sign up, and it’s important to note that the civic center is taking walk-ins.

Schury said he thinks there will be a point where the vaccine supply will probably outstrip the amount of people wanting to get it.

If that does happen, he said they will double down on their efforts to encourage more people to get vaccinated.

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