Delaware man living with special needs hopes to inspire others with his new book

SEAFORD, Del.- Writing to inspire, that’s what 34-year-old, Jesse Marsch, hopes to do with his new self-published book, “A+ Manga Awesomeman.”

“I want it to be an inspiration that life can be better than it is now,” Marsch said.

Marsch published his book in March.

But he said the journey to get to that accomplishment wasn’t an easy road.

That’s because he’s living with asbergers.

“A lot of times there were people that meant to be abusive and enjoyed it and it just effected me over time,” Marsch said.

We’re told through his struggles, he always found writing as a tool to get him through.

“It started out as an escape when my father abused me, and as I got older I realized I needed to do more than just keep myself sane, I wanted to reach out to people, I wanted to save lives,” Marsch said.

He added with his love for writing, he always knew he wanted to publish a book, but never got the support from some family and friends to do it.

“What they basically said was you’re autistic, you have special needs, we can’t do all the things you want us to do,” Marsch said.

But Marsch didn’t let the negativity stop him from making his dreams a reality.

“I started thinking about what if I’m not alone, what if there’s other people that need this help, what if their still struggling, what if their life is so bad that they are actually contemplating what I did,” Marsch said.

Now that the book is out, he hopes that when people read it it sparks inspiration.

“With his persistence, we’ve gotten it done, and its all because of his passion,” Cindie Marsch, Jesse’s mom, said.

Jesse says he has some advice for others who may be dealing with the same things he did, he said, “Life is hard enough when people don’t believe in you, but it can only get harder when you don’t believe in yourself.”

And if you want copy of his book, you can head to

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