YMCA making changes to keep gym-goers safe during pandemic

SALISBURY, Md. – It’s been nearly a year since some gyms closed their doors because of the pandemic, but many of them are now back open. That’s including the YMCA of the Chesapeake, who tells us they’re taking extra steps to make sure people working on their health and fitness are also staying safe.

“It was hard being shut down and trying to stay connected to members, and we have so many members that rely on us not only for health support, but the Y is their social outlet,” Deanna Harrell, with the YMCA, said.

While their doors are open, some people may still be nervous about getting back into things. But the YMCA wants you to know about some of the changes they’ve made.

“The main precautions that we started with are taking temperatures when folks came in, requiring masks upon entry to the building,” Harrell said.

While you can take the mask off while exercising, we’re told even then, staff are making sure you’re socially distanced, not on a machine next to another person, and even spread out in group exercises. And, of course, they say they’re cleaning everything.

“Besides members cleaning before and after use, we have staff actively cleaning all day and mid afternoon we do about an hour of all hands on deck and all the staff are out doing a really thorough, deep cleaning,” Harrell said.

Staff tell us all of that hard work is paying off, knowing they’re keeping people safe and healthy.

“We’ve not had any cases of covid-19 that we’re aware of that stemmed from someone visiting the YMCA,” Harrell said.

Harrell says if anyone is still unsure about heading back to the YMCA, they’re welcome to come take a tour of the building to see the changes they’ve made in person.


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