U.S. Sen. Chris Coons calls for better mail services in Delaware

DELAWARE — On Monday, U.S. Senator Chris Coons spoke on behalf of thousands of Delawareans experiencing mail delays because of what he says is toxic leadership at the United States Postal service.

Speaking on the Senate floor, Sen. Coons says he has no beef with the men and women of the postal service but he has quote “real and deep concerns about how the postal service is being run under the current poster master general”, Louis DeJoy. The senator believes DeJoy’s leadership has plagued the postal service, 5,000 Delaware residents asking for robust funding for the postal service, wanting stronger vote by mail initiatives, and hundreds reporting delays of their mail.

Coons read complaints of many Delawareans, one being a women from Sussex County expressing her disapproval of getting mail late.  He says in part quote “Gloria Lester down in Lewes in Sussex County said mail that previously took just three to four days is now taking her four to six weeks.” “Her bills are due before she even gets the statement, and her husband’s VA medication took a month to arrive from the date it was mailed” Coons said.

The senator representing Delaware says the solution to the problem will be to fill leadership roles with people who have experience in the postal system. He says the senate needs to quickly confirm President Joe Biden’s nominees to the postal board of governors as quickly as possible. Those nominees are Ron Stroman,  Amber McReynolds, and Anton Hajjar, who according to Coons are “folks who have deep experience in the postal system” and could help get services back on track. Coons adds that letter carries and customers shouldn’t suffer because of toxic leadership at the highest levels of our postal service.

Senator Coons says he will continue to support the postal service and will continue to petition the post master general. He finishes saying that he wont stop until there’s a solution to this critical and pressing issue.

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