Towns light up yellow for Endometriosis Awareness Month

DELMARVA – March marks Endometriosis Awareness Month, and one woman is doing everything she can to spread awareness of the disease.

Shannon Hannawald says she’s suffered through the disease for the past twenty years and now wants to spread awareness so other women don’t have to go through what she has. So she’s recruited several towns across the shore to light up yellow for the month to start conversations around the disease.

Hannawald tells us it’s really important to get people talking about this disease, because not many people know much about it.

“Nobody really knows what it is, and it doesn’t really affect you until it affects you personally or someone that you love, and it’s still really hard to understand,” she said. “So many women suffer from it, and doctors dismiss it like it’s nothing, most of them will look at you like you’re making it up because they don’t know anything about it.”

Hannawald is also the founder of Endo Warriors of the Eastern Shore. If you want to learn more about the disease or about how you can get involved this month, you can visit their Facebook Page by searching Endo Warriors of the Eastern Shore.

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