OC businesses in need of employees

 OCEAN CITY, Md. – Some businesses are claiming the latest round of stimulus payments have actually hurt businesses, because with more money in hand, people reportedly don’t want to work. Now they’re calling on President Biden and the state to help address the issue.
After speaking with Fager’s island, they agree the worker shortage is becoming a huge problem. They say with people receiving stimulus checks, and extra unemployment money, they’re having trouble finding people who want to work.
According to Trimper’s Rides, they are asking the governor to look at not renewing the ban on J1’s and HB2’s to get some extra help this season. They go on to say if the President wants to continue giving out payments, they should create other avenues for them to gain workers.
However, with summer on the horizon, they say they’re worried about business and if they’ll have the workers to meet the demand. Willie Roger with Fager’s Island says, “We are aggressively trying to hire everything at our hotels, restaurants, at the bar were pretty much open all the way around.” He adds, “We’re not opposed to J1’s being back. We love them just like anyone else.”
Roger also tells 47 ABC, the recent lift on capacity was helpful but the guidelines still in place are another barrier for them. Trimpers Rides does open Friday, April 2nd at 12 p.m, but their president says she wants something done about the worker situation as soon as possible.
Both Fager’s Island and Trimpers Rides says if you’re interested in applying for a job you can visit their websites.
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