“Meals on Wheels” looking forward to senior centers reopening


SALISBURY, Md. – Although many businesses and organizations have struggled during this pandemic some say they’re still determined to keep serving the public no matter what. Specifically the organization, Maintaining Active Citizens (MAC), and their meals on wheels service.

Since the pandemic, the meals on wheels service says they’ve seen a major uptick in demand. Senior centers have been closed to the public, and the organization says this would have hurt their business but the need for at home deliveries increased.

Now they are delivering up to 3,000 meals a day, something they say that haven’t done before. However, with the uptick, they needed to hire more staff and food supply to meet the demand. Pattie Tingle, Executive Director at MAC says, “This has taken a toll on our services, while we’re delivering more home delivered meals than we have EVER in the past.” Al Chandler, the nutrition program manager says adds, “On the side we also have to maintain compliance with COVID with the health department things of that nature so our crew does a great job in meeting that need and also doing that job to compliance.”

Chandler also tells 47 ABC, that there will be two events coming up, a golf tournament on May 19, and a car show on June 12. Tingle says the organization also relies heavy on donations to help get the supplies, so they’re always asking for help. She also adds, she hopes the Governor reopens senior centers soon, so they can cater to those folks as well.

If you want to learn more about the program and their events or how you can help, just visit the website.

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