First Mobile Vaccination Clinic made it’s way to Princess Anne

MARYLAND- Governor Larry Hogan visited the Shore Friday, making stops at the first mobile vaccination clinic in Princess Anne and the Wicomico Youth and Civic Center, speaking about how the state’s Vaccine Equity Task Force is pushing to increase access.

“It helps us especially in rural areas where we can get right out to communities, people don’t have to drive far to get to one of those mass vax sites,” Governor Larry Hogan said.

The first mobile vaccination clinic was at the Garland Hayward Youth Center, which local leaders are thankful for.

“It provides an opportunity for the individuals who want the shot to get the shot,” Garland Hayward, Vice President of Princess Anne Town Commission, said.

Governor Hogan said reaching more people with the mobile unit will help the state get more people vaccinated faster.

It also helps us go right into neighborhoods in some of our undeserved communities, so even where we have big things I think some of the plans are to get teams that go right out,” Governor Hogan said.

Hayward said he hopes events like these will make people feel more comfortable about get vaccinated.

“There’s a little uncertainty about the shot, some people are very apprehensive but the more people we see that are getting the shot, then it will take away a little bit of the apprehension,” Hayward said.

Governor Hogan said each mobile bus can be used as a walk-in clinic or a drive-up site to give out between 60 to 160 vaccines per mission.

He will make more announcements next week about additional mass vaccination sites.

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