Demand for DE schools to reopen full time

DELAWARE – State representatives, parents, teachers and students recently gathered for a rally outside of  legislative hall to call on the state to reconsider opening public schools full time.

Lawmakers and parents say the harsh reality is that students are hurting more than people know. Between gaps in learning and even mental health, they say students need to be back in the classroom. “I think no one’s going to dispute that they’re just not learning and moving on like they should be,” says State Representative, Ruth Briggs-King.

Supporters of the return to school movement say, parents and kids are frustrated and are worried about their education. One Delaware superintendent tells 47 ABC, he wants his kids back but there is only so much the districts can do. “The key would be, when the medical professionals in the state really feel that its safe to do so, and we won’t go outside of that,” says Superintendent of Woodbridge School District, Heath Chasanov.

Why can’t kids go back full time? That’s the question being asked as more vaccines rollout and guidelines are followed. “I think people are much more aware, they’re much more cautious, and at some point you have to allow for personal responsibility, personal accountability for people to continue to get the vaccine,” says Rep. Briggs-King.

Lawmakers, parents and students are all pushing for the same thing, a sense of normalcy again. “We recognize that when we come back there’s going to be some gaps, there’s going to be some mental health gaps, there’s going to be some educational gaps and we’re having those conversations an putting those plans in place,” says Chasanov. Delaware school districts also say they’re working closely with the health department and doing their best with the resources they have. However, they know it’s not enough.

Rep. Briggs-King says, “As long as we can get some sense of normalcy, get the kids back in school, get the parents back at work, and then have a thriving community again.” She also adds, that this is bigger than the school districts. Rep. Briggs-King says, the Governor should look at easing restrictions and getting kids back as soon as possible.

“Everybody is tired of it but that doesn’t make it go away,” says Chasanov. “We’ll just continue to press down and do what we have to do to get back to normal as soon as we can.” Chasanov and Rep. Briggs-King also say, mental health among students is a big focus right now. They want to have enough resources to help students when they get back in school.

Although there hasn’t been any word as to when Delaware public schools will reopen for good, most districts say they’re hoping to be fully open by next fall.

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