DE poor people’s campaign calls on legislators to take action

DOVER, Del. – On Monday afternoon, the Delaware poor people’s campaign came together to host a demonstration with hopes of having their voices heard.  Together, their voices called on legislators to address 14 key points. One of their main goals, is to focus on those in poorer communities that have been devastated by this pandemic. A local pastor at the event said, “Humanity is not divided up between anybody, humanity is everybody.” Saying how important it was for the people to be united in all walks of life.

The organization say’s they are asking legislators to look at public health emergency credits, COVID testing, raising the minimum wage, quality housing for all and much more. A representative from Delaware, Timothy Dukes addressed the minimum wage issue by saying, “Terrible timing in the midst of a pandemic, a slap in the face to business owners.” However, between fighting sickness and taking care of families, the organization says they rarely have the means to take off work. “Everybody is essential, yet most of us do not have enough paid leave to cover if we’re exposed to COVID.,” says campaign advocate, Tayshia Grier.

Even before the pandemic, those with the organization say this injustice in underserved communities has gone on for years and they want change. Pastor Lial focused on sharing God’s love at the event, and went on to explain how the importance of using God’s love to unite everyone. “When you come out to the public sphere for making decision for how we live together, love translates to justice so justice is the issue of the day,” says Pastor Lial.

The organization message is to address poverty, injustice, inequality  and be able to get the resources they believe those communities deserve. Alyssa Bradley, a coordinator of the event says, “We’re still here, we’re still fighting, this is not going away, we are not going away.”

Organizers of the event say they hope after COVID they can do bigger events and engage more voices. So far, legislators are discussing a few bills on the Delaware poor people’s campaign. If you want to learn more about the state campaign as well as the National poor people’s campaign, just visit their website.

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