Salisbury Marathon a go this April, runners can expect changes

SALISBURY, Md.- The Salisbury Marathon was canceled last year due to the pandemic, but this April you will be able to put those running shoes back on for the event.

To make sure everyone is safe, coordinators are capping the number of runners at 1,000.

Runners will need to wear their masks at the start line, but once they cross it, they can take them down and put them up again at the finish line.

At the starting line, runners will be sent off in waves,  so not everyone is leaving at once.

We are told while this year’s event will look different coordinators knew they wanted to still make this race happen.

“We wanted to give people something to do, they have been cooped up for a year,” Jason Chance, Race Dir. for Run SBY Events, said. “The atmosphere is going to be different we just hope that people will be able to come around and still enjoy themselves and still say hey this is some place we’d like to come back to.”

The event will be April 3rd.

We are told there will be no post event show that includes the award ceremony.

Awards will be mailed out to participants.

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