Local developer planning restaurant and speakeasy for downtown SBY

SALISBURY, Md. – A new restaurant could be setting up shop in downtown Salisbury in the coming year or two. Davis Strategic Development recently purchased the building on the corner of West Main Streets and St. Peters Street in downtown Salisbury. “The big concept would be doing a restaurant, and a basement bar slash restaurant combination. The goal being that we’ve got an upscale feel and another upscale restaurant downtown. This one would have the unique feature of half of the space being in the basement,” said Bret Davis.

Davis tells 47ABC that he’s excited to bring a new concept to downtown Salisbury. He says he hopes the space will serve as a meeting place and cool hang out spot for Salisbury’s residents. “The downtown plaza has some retail and it has some awesome restaurants that I particularly love. I think this would be a good centerpiece, especially for things like Third Friday. This is an intersection that is trafficked heavily on foot. It would be really cool to have a space where people are coming in and out, and interacting,” said Davis.

The building is currently home to three businesses and eight apartments. Davis says he will be helping the businesses to relocate over the coming year or two, as well as make some improvements on the apartments. He says the building was recently fitted with fiberoptic internet, and that those tenants won’t have their rents raised. “As units go vacant, we’ll improve them and fix them up. But we’re a big believer in not kicking anyone out of their house. We’re working with everybody to do that,” said Davis.

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