DILA says masks can present communication challenges for deaf people, clear masks can help

SALISBURY, Md.- The Deaf Independent Living Association is speaking about how the wearing of masks can present challenges for people who are hard of hearing.

Mike Purkey, the Executive Director of DILA, said they have invested in clear masks for staff because the other masks can present problems.

We are told each case is different, but sometimes when people are wearing a mask they can’t see a person’s full expression.

This could present confusion in the context of a conversation.

“You have obviously the use of the hands or the communication piece, but it’s also being able to see expression and tone cause you don’t have inflection as you would with a spoken voice,” Purkey said.

TidalHealth said DILA has been very active in encouraging places like them to add captioning to COVID information videos.

They too are providing clear masks for staff to use while working with people who are deaf.

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