Del. Division of Public Health is working to expand equal and equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines

DELAWARE – Delaware Governor John Carney and public health officials say this week they’re putting more of a focus on getting vaccines to underserved populations. “It’s a multi-tiered approach to getting vaccines in the communities and making it accessible to as many people,” said Gov. Carney.

The Division of Public Health says Harrington, Felton, Magnolia, and Selbyville are particular areas of concern for them right now. “We’ve been working hard on addressing equity in our state. It is a priority for all of us to make sure that vaccinations are distributed equitable, with regards to all communities in our state,” said DPH Director Dr. Karyl Rattay.

The DPH is also planning to send out teams to rotating vaccination sites in those areas. Governor Carney also announced that they’re planning to have four buses that will travel to those areas to provide vaccines. Dr. Rattay says they’re bolstering five pathways to the vaccine, including giving shots at federally qualified health centers, making fixed community vaccination sites, curative sites, and through health care provider partnerships. “Not everyone has the access, transportation, communication, and the connections to be served by these larger scale vaccination events. But we must not leave these individuals behind. So, we will continue to work with community organizations and trusted community leaders,” said Dr. Rattay.

The DPH is also working to expand information materials in more languages like Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, Haitian Creole, and larger print text for the visually impaired.  “It’s important that as we work to inform individuals in communities around the state about the importance of vaccines, that we need to speak their language,” said Dr. Rattay.

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