City of SBY Human Rights Committee looking to fill five open seats

SALISBURY, Md. – There are five open spots on the City of Salisbury’s Human Rights Committee, and you could be one of the members. Vice Chair of the committe Amber Green tells 47ABC they’d like to hear all voices. But right now they’re especially focused on getting certain groups involved. That includes religious organizations, the LGBTQ+ community, youth, and the Hatian and LatinX communities. “We ensure that citizens of the City of Salisbury find that their human rights are not being violated. They bring certain human rights issues to our task force and what we do as a committee is we put recommendations to the mayor’s office,” said Green.

Green says the goal of the committee is to make sure that every individual is ensured their human rights. They’re also aiming at celebrating the growing diversity of the city. “We want to make sure that everybody’s human rights are being respected. If there’s any concern of discrimination we want to make sure that we have all the voices around the table so we’re not missing any gaps,” said Green.

Some of the committee’s recent work includes working with the city to designate January as the official month for sex trafficking awareness. The committee was also responsible for the creation of the city’s Lynching Memorial Task Force. Green says applying is easy. She tells 47ABC all you have to do is send your resume and a letter of intent to the mayor’s office. “That work could be identifying perceived problems of discrimination or human relation conflicts with the city, and then advising the mayor or city council of the issue. Then we act as a resource and a safe place where individual groups can air their concerns of any existence,” said Green.

Committee meetings are open to the public. Their next meeting will be in March.

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