Successful business owner encouraging entrepreneurs to sign up for Season 13 of Shark Tank

BRIDGEVILLE, Del.- For entrepreneurs looking to expand their business this year, a Bridgeville business owner is encouraging others to throw their hat in the ring and apply to Season 13 of Shark Tank.

“It was an incredible experience for us, certainly we thought it was a long shot, but it worked out in the end and anything is possible,” Katey Evans, co-founder of the Frozen Farmer, said.

Katey Evans, is co-founder of the Frozen Farmer, a business that was created to cut food waste from her families farm by-re purposing it into ice cream.

Evans was on Shark Tank a couple of times last year securing a deal that exposed her to different partnerships.

“It also opened the doors for e-commerce fulfillment, we now ship our ice cream direct to door step, nationwide, within three months from airing on the show, we had shipped to more than 43 states,” Evan said.

The casting this year for Shark Tank will be done completely online, due to the pandemic.

Evans said Shark Tank has enriched her life, and hopes that others will take a leap of faith and apply.

“From what I’ve heard that this year they are only doing online submissions, everybody has an equal, fair opportunity and that’s something they should be really excited about,” Evans said.

Evans told me don’t let the online application scare you, if you’re hesitant about applying, be confident in your product and know that you too can be a success story.

“Don’t let any of your doubts discourage you from the opportunity because you have to have faith its bigger than fear,and fear is temporary but regret is forever,” Evans said.

And while Shark Tank brought new opportunities in 2020 for Evans, she will share more exciting news soon about where her business is headed.

We are told Shark Tank looks forward to continuing to be a driving force in helping people from all walks of life achieve their dreams.

If you’re interested in applying to Shark Tank, you have now until the end of June.

Just visit the website,

Also, you can keep up with The Frozen Farmer on their social media pages and their website at

The Frozen Farmer has deals going on for next month, so make sure you check those out.

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