Man shot while in vehicle, multiple times

SALISBURY, Md. – Wednesday, January 20th, a man was allegedly sitting in his truck somewhere in the Salisbury commons when he was shot multiple times.
A source tells us there is little to no word about why this happened.

According to a relative who is close with the victim, they say he was sitting in the back seat when someone began shooting at the truck, several bullets hitting the victim.

Now at this time, police are still looking into the incident, but they remain tight lipped. Meanwhile the family of the victim tells 47 abc, it’s almost been a week and they want answers and justice.

“Me and my family we want justice so it should be made public just like every other incident,” says family member of the victim. “The person is still out there, the person or people are still out there so what if someone else gets shot and then what.”

As of right now the victim and family wish to remain anonymous during this time. The Salisbury police are asking anyone with information to give them a call at the number on your screen. We’re told there may even be a reward for information that leads to an arrest.

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