Mail delays are reportedly still causing major concern within the community

47 ABC – Dari Tritt, a local Delaware woman along with many other local community members, say they’re struggling to both send and receive their mail for months now.

Many postal services sent out statements last year letting the public know, mail would take longer than usual due to the pandemic. However, with the new year and the ending of holidays, many are still wondering when will the delayed mail issues be resolved?

“It just seems like the mail is extremely delayed it seems like the system is very broken,” says Tritt.

Tritt adds, she sent out her renter’s check almost a month ago, and they allegedly have yet to receive it.  According to sources, this has been an on-going issue since last year when the pandemic struck the U.S.

Not just letters and cards, but important items such as medication, money, and packages have reportedly been very delayed.

“I have medication that are supposed to come and I don’t have them, so now I’m just out of those medications,” says Tritt.

A few billing companies and apartment complexes were unavailable for an interview, but they did say, they have shifted to remote payments so people can pay their bills on time. For people like Tritt who are still sending checks the old fashion way, it’s really become a problem.

Tritt tells 47 abc , “it isn’t just the election, it isn’t just the holiday, this has been going on for months so I just think there needs to be more concern about it.”

Many local post offices were unable to speak on the subject, but customers say they have shared their complaints with local post masters. However some mailing items are still coming after what they say is “an unacceptable” amount of time.

“How long are we supposed to tolerate this, how many late fees do people have to pay, how many people are living without medication, this could get serious fast,” adds Tritt.

USPS responded to these issues with “Shippers across the board were challenged with airlifts and trucking capacity for moving historic volumes, causing temporary pockets of delays. As is our duty, we accepted all volumes and our employees rose to the occasion to deliver for America. This epic volume was also amplified by employee availability challenges and necessary COVID-19 policies designed to keep our employees and our communities safe,” says Freda Sauter, Corporate Communications with the USPS Baltimore District.

There is no further word about when the USPS will return to regular operations of timely mail delivers, but they share their thanks and appreciation for those who work in the postal industry during what they say, is a record-setting peak season.

The USPS also asks, any customers with questions about mail delivery are encouraged to contact a postal representative by calling 1-800-ASK-USPS or visit

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