Live Green: Nectar & Rae

NEWARK, MD– Last winter, one woman turned her passion for clean beauty products and eco-friendly alternatives into a business. This week on Live Green, meet Summer Rae, the founder of Nectar and Rae.

Based in Newark, Maryland, Nectar and Rae was founded with the mission of creating a healthier, sustainable planet for future generations.

“For me personally, this is the way I want to leave my carbon footprint on this earth for my son,” explained Summer Rae, “I really want him to grow up in a space, in an area, in an Earth, that is alive and thriving and healthy.”

The owner tells us that she seeks out clean and sustainable ingredients for her products. Plus, some even come from her backyard like honey and beeswax, which are used in items, such as lip balms and face masks.

“I started with lip scrub, and in that I use fresh honey from my own beehive actually,” said Summer.

Before she purchases the ingredients she does not have at home, like coconut oil, Summer says she carefully researches other green companies that have similar green goals to her own business.

“I am buying sustainably sourced ingredients that are good for the earth. I am not taking anything that I do not want to give out,” stated Summer.

After using these sustainable ingredients, she uses reusable glassware for liquid products like facial oils and recyclable aluminum tins for the rest of her products. Plus, she even uses eco-friendly packages to mail her products to customers.

“As far as sending out my products. Once you order something on my website, I use compostable mailers, like packages. So, those can go right into your compost bin or whatever it may be. And they will break down right back into the Earth because they are made of cornstarch,” explained Summer.

From production to shipment, Nectar and Rae enforces its sustainable initiatives in order to create a healthier environment for future generations on Delmarva.

Nectar and Rae attends farmer’s markets in the area and outdoor vendor events at other businesses like the Buzz Meadery. To place an order or find more information, please visit the website.

As always if you know a green business on Delmarva, you can send their contact information to Meteorologist Sloane Haines.

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