Pocomoke Elks Lodge opened their doors for COVID-19 vaccination clinic

POCOMOKE, Md.- The Elks Lodge opened their doors Friday to operate as a COVID-19 vaccination clinic.

The county government, health department, and Maryland National Guard put the event on.

Right now, there is a high demand for vaccines and the health department is trying to make sure clinics available.

We are told next week they’ll have to cancel some of those clinics because there’s not enough supply to meet demand.

“It all comes back to these partnerships because it’s not just the health department doing it, its all hands on deck,” Travis Brown, PIO for Worcester Health Dept., said.

“I understand that because of the fewer doses expected next week that we are going to have to cancel some of the clinics throughout the county and that disappoints me,” Chip Bertino, Worcester CO. Commissioner, said.

Commissioner Bertino added that he recognizes the need for help at the state and federal level to ensure people get their vaccinations.

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