35K grant used for future early childhood educators

SALISBURY, Md. – Shore up recently received a  grant which is being used to continue the child development associate program (CDA). This program helps individuals gain knowledge, skills, and abilities to go into the field of early education which some say is well needed at this time.

“At Shore up we’re always implementing initiatives that help people and change lives and this program is doing just that,” says Tameka Norman, Chief Development and Communications Officer with Shore up.

Michelle Gregory, education and professional development supervisor with Shore up adds, “early childhood and the infant toddler and the preschool years are the very foundation before you get into school.”

Those who participate in the program can earn coursework, get training, and develop knowledge needed to earn a certification in the realm of childhood education. Now with a new $35,000 grant, they will be able to provide resources to individuals who may qualify.

“We need to make sure that our staff, our teachers , our teacher aides have received the necessary training to be able to get your child where they need to be,” says Gregory.

Shore up officials also say, with a recently difficult year and many jobs lost, the CDA program gives those interested in early childhood education a chance to dive right into the field.

“With this program you’re able to work full time, able to earn benefits and do something you enjoy at the same time and earn an education as well, and earn credentials,” adds Norman

Gregory also tells 47 abc, the state is always in need of teachers and employees especially early child hood educators. This program gives individuals a chance to do something they love while gaining the skill-set to do so, and now at an affordable cost.

“I think you really not only have to have ambition and love for children, but you really have to have motivation because there is a lot of criteria that goes along with the program,” states Norman.

Shore up officials also say that they hope that this program can bring hope to the future educators in Maryland. Kogon and Norman both say, if you are interested in the program, or have questions about becoming an early childhood educator, you can visit their website at shoreup.org for more information.

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