UMES professor volunteers to take part in COVID-19 vaccine trial

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. – For weeks now developments with COVID-19 vaccines have been a hot topic. But some may be asking what the trials are like. Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Administration at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore Dr. James Bresette stepped up and took part in a COIVD-19 vaccine trial, and is sharing his experience. “You still want to give back. You still want to contribute. This is a time where not just the nation, but the world need people to step forward,” said Dr. Bresette.

Dr. Bresette says he wanted to take part in the study between Veterans Affairs and Johnson and Johnson’s Janssen EMEA because they needed insight into how the vaccine might affect the older generation. “This trial needs older people with comorbid conditions – in other words, whether you have diabetes or hypertension,” said Dr. Bresette.

But this isn’t the first time Dr. Bresette has participated in a study like this. He also took part in a flu vaccine study back in 2018 by the National Institutes of Health. This time around, Dr. Bresette says he didn’t know if he would be getting a version of the vaccine or a placebo. After getting his shot Dr. Bresette says he experienced mild symptoms. “It finally dawned on me it might actually be these flu-like symptoms that could’ve been general malaise and achiness might actually be related to the vaccine,” said Dr. Bresette.

Dr. Bresette tells 47ABC while he’s happy to contribute, he was mostly inspired by his fellow veterans who he met during the trial. But he adds it’s important to note that you don’t have to be a veteran to get involved. Dr. Bresette says he was proud to see his fellow Americans from all walks of life chipping in. “While I was there two police officers showed up to volunteer. They had just completed an 18 hour shift and they were there to volunteer. That’s just incredible,” said Dr. Bresette.

For more information about how you can get involved if you want to take part, click here.

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