Restaurants are preparing for a pandemic New Years Eve

SALISBURY, Md. –  The owner of the Irish Penny and the owner of Mogan’s Oyster House say, this time of year would typically bring in a generous amount of revenue. But with the pandemic, many restaurants are having to make adjustments to maintain business.

“The value of the seats are worth so much more to us this year,” says owner of Mogan’s Oyster House, Brad Mogan.

Owner of Irish Penny Pub and Restaurants adds, ” There’s a very small pool of people that do go out, and you have every restaurants that’s fighting for their business.”

Mogan and Trivits  are both local restaurant owners who’ve endured major adversity this year due to the pandemic. With one of the busiest nights of the year approaching, New Years Eve, these restaurant owners are doing everything they can to bring in that usual boost in revenue. That starts with asking customers to make reservations, and for customers to stick to those reservations.

“People have to also be understanding about what that impacts, or what the impact value is if they don’t show up for reservations on a night like that,” says Mogan.

On top of that, restaurant owners are making special new years eve menus in an effort to draw more people in.

Trivitis tells 47 abc, “if it’s a great busy night and we’re full to our 50%  capacity then we’ll be pleasantly surprised and happy, and the staff will be happy and grateful. But if not, its just another day of 2020 that we’re just trying to get through and hopefully things will turn around.”

Overall, with limited capacity, earlier closing times, and other safety restrictions, restaurant owners like Mogan and Trivits are just hoping to make the most out of a tough situation this year.

“We’re having to make a lot of different changes and we’re trying to communicate to people that this will be a little bit of a different year, but we can still have a great time doing it,” says Mogan. Trivits adds, “the most important thing is, I hope people stay safe, and we do all get through this and getting through it with as little damage as possible.”

Both Mogan and Trivits say they’re looking to create a fun environment during new years eve, even with the restrictions, and they’re hoping next year, will bring better times for all restaurants.

Both Mogan’s and the Irish Penny will be open on new years eve and will be offering special new years eve menus and will be open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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