New Sussex Co. hotel promotion encourages residents, tourists to change their point of view


SUSSEX CO., Del. – Hospitality experts estimate Sussex County lost more than 31-million-dollars in revenue during this year’s first six months, compared to that time last year. But they’re hoping a new promotion prevents that from happening again.

“We’ve been hit extremely hard during this pandemic and we need to think of something that can help us with that recovery and with that rebound,” says Benjamin Gray, the general manager of The Bellmoor Inn & Spa in Rehoboth Beach and chair of the Southern Delaware Tourism board.

Southern Delaware Tourism has partnered up with Sussex County hotels for two new promotions in order to help the local hospitality industry. “If there’s one thing I learned about our hotels this past year is that they are incredibly resilient and they love the fact that they can persevere through this challenge,” says Gray.

The first promotion is the Delaware Dweller discount. From January 1st through March 31st, Delaware residents can get 15 percent off reservations at select hotels. “Just make it easier for them, maybe a little more affordable. Just an extended holiday bonus, something to look forward to,” says Scott Thomas, the Executive Director of Southern Delaware Tourism.

The second promotion is the extended stay discount. It runs during the same time frame and is for guests of any state who want to visit for a longer period of time. “What this program is really designed to do is encourage those that are in the remote workforce or those that have children working remotely in school that they can still get away and have a vacation,” says Gray.

Those with Southern Delaware Tourism say they want to encourage people to travel safely and maybe even recharge their batteries in the process. “Change your view, change your mindset. That’s kind of what we’re really trying to push right now. I think that really goes a long way especially when we’re all hunkered down, a lot of people are hunkered down and they are seeing the same thing every day,” says Thomas.

As a CVOID-19 precaution, many hotels are following the advice of the American Hotel and Lodging Association by suspending daily housekeeping services. Southern Delaware Tourism says the requirements of some of the discounts may also help satisfy quarantine requirements if guests stay for an extended period of time.

There are about a dozen hotels participating right now but we’re told more are being added.

Click here for the Delaware Dwellers discount.

Click here for the Extended Stay discount.

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