Mental wellness center to take an extensive holistic approach

SALISBURY, Md. – Balance Point Wellness, a mental health facility that primarily serves the western part of Maryland, tells 47 abc, they are planning to bring their services, to this area. Their holistic approach focuses on combining medication with different types of therapy to treat behavioral disorders.

“So it’s not just approaching it from one side, its approaching it from a multi-sided approach to get the best results for our client,” says Julia Kurisch, Chief Clinical Officer at Balance Point Wellness.

Kurisch also says, their wellness center in Baltimore facilitates equine therapy, group therapy, yoga, acupuncture, nutritional services, and many other forms of therapy. They’re looking to bring all these services to the Eastern Shore, as well as multiple care providers.

“And they’re all going to collaborate and talk to one another because we are under the same umbrella, so that really provides people with a more comprehensive approach to their treatment,” states Kurisch.

Dr. Michael Finegan Phd. of Peninsula Mental Health and Addiction Services in Salisbury tells 47 abc, the biggest issue he’s seen here on the shore, is the idea that medication alone is sufficient in treating patients. So he’d be interested to see how a facility like this could impact the area.

“I think that, that would be number one challenge that if we could overcome that, there would be improvement,” says Dr. Finegan.

Though there are approximately 36 mental health resources in the Wicomico area, this wellness center says they want to get to know the community, to properly cater to their mental health needs.

Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations for Balance Point Wellness, Ian Bolland says, “we all have to help each other, there’s people who are really struggling right now, and I just want to reach the largest amount of people we can.”

Dr. Finegan also says, he would like to see physicians with this facility ask comprehensive questions during exams pertaining to mood status, behavioral challenges, and substance abuse because he believes this would profoundly enhance the behavioral health of those in Wicomico county.

The Balance Point Wellness center in Salisbury  is only available for tele-health services until the pandemic allows in-person appointments to proceed. Their permanent office is not set to open until some time in January.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health or substance abuse, please visit this website for information about local resources.

You can contact the Salisbury Balance Point Wellness at 410-800-2169, and the Peninsula Mental Health and Addiction Services at 410-860-2673.

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