Live Green: The Buzz Meadery

BERLIN, MD– A hobby has bloomed into a pandemic born business that focuses on the sustainability of the ingredients they use and saving the bees. This week on Live Green Meteorologist Sloane Haines spoke to Brett Hines, co-owner of The Buzz Meadery.

Brett Hines and his wife, Megan, opened the doors to The Buzz Meadery this past summer. They make an alcoholic beverage made with honey, called mead, which they make with ingredients sourced from local farmers.

“There’s really no reason that I should be buying sugar or other fruits and stuff from out of state or out of country. For that matter, when they are grown right here. The fossil fuel consumption to ship this stuff across the country or around the world is kind of silly,” said Brett Hines.

The mead found at The Buzz Meadery is lower in alcohol concentration and not too sweet. The owners use honey that is good for Delmarva’s bees as they seek out beekeepers with sustainable practices that keep the bees alive.

“We have a pretty deep evaluation of whose honey we use and how they raise their bees. Because bees are basically live stock, so we need those bees to be taken care of for their livelihood,” explained Hines.

Aside from partnering with local farmers for their ingredients, The Buzz Meadery hosts bottling events, which brings together various local, sustainable businesses to sell their products in an outdoor market setting.

“We have other local, small businesses coming, who we have partnered with because of their local sourcing for ingredients, craftsmanship,” said Hines.

The owner says that not only do they want to keep Delmarva green, but they want to keep money in their community through events like these.

The Buzz Meadery also has a monthly bottle club, where you will receive 5 bottles of mead and a discount on all other products for a price. To see what’s available and their hours of operation, please visit their website.

As always, if you know a green business on Delmarva please send their contact information to Meteorologist Sloane Haines.

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