Homeowners making changes to Christmas displays amid COVID-19

PITTSVILLE, Md. – Every year, homeowners across the country deck out their houses with Christmas lights. Some take it a step further and turn their homes into complete winter wonderlands for people to explore. This year though, many of those homeowners are having to make some changes to ensure everyone stays safe.

Curtis Davis owns the the Winter Wonderland on Morris Road. He says this year, he had to widen his walk-through path by two feet. He’s also requiring people to wear masks when they visit his home. That’s not all though, he’s turned his home’s driveway into a staging area this year, so if the walk-through path gets too crowded, he can make people wait in the driveway to ensure people are social distancing.

Davis says making these changes wasn’t easy, but he feels it was worth it.

“Just trying to give [people] a sense of normalcy, just to take their mind off of everything that’s going on whether you’re working, not working, struggling with bills, just trying to give a sense of normalcy to try to make it feel like a normal year,” he said.

The Winter Wonderland on Morris Road is located at 6515 Morris Road in Pittsville. If you go, make sure you bring a mask!

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