Homeless shelter treats their homeless for Christmas


GEORGETOWN, Del. – It’s no secret the pandemic has made 2020 a difficult year for a lot of people. According to a local shelter, the homeless population on Delmarva has grown but shelters say they’re as determined as ever to help everyone they can especially on Christmas.

“The last thing someone needs is somebody to be hard on them cause it may be out of their hands why they were led here,” says Joseph Holder, at the Sussex County Community Crisis Housing.

Holder also tells 47 abs, the holidays looked a little different for those living in the shelter this year. With limited capacity, and a rise in the number of people needing help, there were a few hurdles they had to overcome this season.  But he says the community still helped them give their guests a memorable holiday.

“We’ve seen a great communal out pour of giving at the time, food, to gifts, to everything, you really get to see the best of people,” says Holder.

The shelter says people donated gifts as well as a big dinner for Christmas eve so that the clients in the shelter, had something to look forward to. “And I just really hope people are encouraged to keep the spirit going all year round because even for the pandemic, even for the holiday season, we’re never empty,” adds Holder.

Holder also says, he will continue to serve as an advocate to help break the stigma of how others look at the homeless population. “Just remember, people want people to treat them as people and not their situations.”

If you or someone you know needs assistance with getting in touch with this homeless shelter, you can go to scchsinc.org or call 302-856-2246.

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