Dorchester County 2nd grader fills 300+ stockings for fellow students

HURLOCK, Md. – One family in Dorchester County braved the cold and wind on Tuesday to hand out Christmas gifts to every student at Hurlock Elementary School. It’s all thanks to a second grader who wants to make a difference in her community.

“We’re doing charity for the kids,” says J’Lynn Rheel. This all started when J’Lynn had the idea to make and sell Christmas ornaments this year. “She made ornaments they were little Starbucks cups something creative and they got around Facebook, newspapers, the school helped,” says La’Tiya Turner, J’Lynn’s older sister.

She ended up raising almost eight-hundred-dollars and wanted to use that money to give back to others. “Because some kids are not going to have a good Christmas because it’s coronavirus,” says J’Lynn.

So with the help of her family, J’Lynn filled more than three-hundred stockings with holiday themed goodies and treats. “So kids can have something to eat because stuff is expensive now,” says J’Lynn.

She made sure she had enough stockings so that every student at Hurlock Elementary was able to get one. The school’s principal says J’Lynn embodies everything they want their students to be and hopes her actions inspire others. “To be in second grade and to want to give to the community is awesome,” says Hurlock Elementary Principal Bobby Helgason.

J’Lynn’s dad, Jason Rheel, says this is just one example of how thoughtful his daughter is. “If we see somebody homeless at Walmart or when they go up to Baltimore she will want to stop and give them change and she just likes to help people. She has a big heart.”

J’Lynn’s mom and great-grandmother say they’re incredibly proud of J’Lynn and her desire to give to others especially during this time. “She’s blessed so she’s trying to bless somebody else,” says Tia Rheel.

“I said, ‘oh Lord that’s great.’ That is really wonderful. Let us know what kind of child she is, a giving child,” says Barbara Leatherbury, J’Lynn’s great-grandmother.

J’Lynn says she hopes to do this every year and wants to raise enough money in the future to buy even more gifts for students in Dorchester County.


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