Del. Division of Public Health warning folks to be wary of COVID-19 vaccine scam

DELAWARE – The Delaware Division of Public Health is asking folks to be on the lookout for COVID-19 vaccine scammers. The DPH says people have been getting calls from someone claiming to be a physician, who then asks for money or personal information like your social security number.

Dr. Rick Hong with the DPH says the caller will say that they have the vaccine available, as long as people pay up and provide personal information. “We don’t have a secret waitlist or anything like that. So if there’s someone claiming that they have a secret stash and if you pay a certain amount of money you will get that vaccine, you should be suspicious,” said Dr. Hong.

Dr. Hong says people should be careful about who they provide their information to. “If anyone is asking for credit card information or your social security number, please don’t answer. That information should never be given for any reason over the phone. I think it’s important to just use your common sense. If something sounds or sounds too good to be true, most likely it is,” said Dr. Hong.

Doctor Hong says if you receive one of these calls and want to confirm it’s a scam, you can contact the DPH Vaccine Call Center at (833) 643-1715.


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