Community helping two boys battling a rare congenital heart condition

SALISBURY, Md. – Members of the Salisbury community got together today at Roadie Joe’s Bar & Grill to help two young boys who were diagnosed with a congenital heart defect at birth.

Today from 11 AM to 5 PM Roadie Joe’s donated 50 percent of its sales to help the McPhail and Helton families.

Event organizers say Owen McPhail and Julian Helton have been through many health procedures. The families say the money raised today will help pay for medical bills. They say this event shows the love the Salisbury community has for each other.

“Just having a community and friends and family and strangers help us is just undescribable,” said McKenzie Helton, Julian’s mom.

“It’s like there’s no words,” said Helton.

For more information about how you can support both boys, you can go to their Facebook pages, OwenStrong for Owen and MustardSeed for Julian.

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