Brandywine Valley SPCA dogs ready for holiday sleepovers


GEORGETOWN, Del. – If you have some extra room in your home and your heart this holiday season, you can fill it with a dog.

The Brandywine Valley SPCA is launching their third annual holiday sleepover program where people can give shelter dogs a break from the shelter for a few days and bring them home for a sleepover.

Dogs can be picked up from the shelter on December 23rd or 24th and then brought back on either January 2d or 3rd that is of course unless you fall in love with the four legged friend and decide to keep them.

Linda Torelli with the Brandywine Valley SPCA says they hand picked special dogs from each shelter location this year in an effort to really put a spotlight on the most overlooked pups.

“They are truly overlooked great companions, these could be animals that just are a little older and need someone who wants to adopt a more laid back senior dog, it could be an animal that’s scared in the shelter and so just doesn’t come up to the front of the cage,” Torelli said.

Torelli says each year they do this program it does lead to more fosters and adoptions which is always their goal. If you’re interested in opening up your home to a holiday sleepover with one of those cuties, click here.

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