A 25-year-old woman was surprised with a car parade during quarantine

SALISBURY, Md. – On Sunday, people in Salisbury held a car parade to show their love for Dominique Sessa. The 25-year-old has been quarantined inside her home since February because of a genetic neuromuscular disorder.

“I’ve been isolated because of my disability, my illness and with the holidays coming up it can be lonely, but I felt so connected and loved,” said Sessa, “It was kind of like the best gifts I can get.”

On Sunday, people drove by Sessa’s home some holding signs to let her know that she’s loved and that they’re grateful for her tireless dedication to the community.

“We just want her to know that we are grateful for her and that she’s our community angel,” said event organizer, Heather Mahler.

Sessa has been serving on Salisbury’s vulnerable population task force and she’s helped distribute over 5,000 face masks through her Delmarva COVID Crafters group all from within the confines of her home.

“It’s just been fun to see her creativity and see the ways in which she’s…” said Community Of Joy Pastor Martin Hutchison.

“She’s just in command of her computer and all of that,” said Hutchison.

During Sessa’s surprise parade the City of Salisbury Acting Mayor Julia Glanz even recognized her service to the community with a special proclamation.

“She is one of the most genuinely wonderful people that just has the biggest heart. I’ve never met such a kind soul and especially this year is what we needed and she has gone above and beyond,” said Glanz.

Sessa says she just loves spreading kindness and that her disability doesn’t stop her from doing what she loves most.

“It’s scary,” said Sessa, “It can be kind of like oof, but when I help someone I feel like that’s my purpose because I know how to do it and I am not limited,” said Sessa.

Dominique Sessa says loving people is easy and that she has a lot of love to share. She says she hopes to inspire other people to spread kindness in the community.

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