Unofficial results point to Delaware State Rep. Vanderwende securing another term

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DELAWARE – Unofficial results point to Delaware House Representative Jesse Vanderwende keeping his District 35 seat after he came out on top over his Democratic opponent Darrynn Harris. Rep. Vanderwende first won his seat back in 2018.

Rep. Vanderwende says that he plans to continue focusing on a number of issues that will improve the quality of life in Delaware. One of those issues is that of agriculture. Rep. Vanderwende says that agriculture is what drives Delaware’s economy, and the decreasing number of Delaware farms is concerning. He adds that not only is it important to continue supporting the agriculture industry. It’s also necessary to think about the future of agriculture in Delaware, and support the younger generation of farmers.

Re. Vanderwende says with that, comes the issue of supporting economic opportunity. Aside from farmers, Rep. Vanderwende says that small business is the backbone of Delaware. He says that he aims to cut through what he calls red tape that stands in the way of those hoping to start a business. Rep. Vanderwende says he plans to serve as a voice or those who want to start or relocate a business in District 35. He says that this can only be made possible through working with business owners to find solutions and ideas.

Other important issues for Rep. Vanderwende center around bolstering resources for education and first responders. Rep. Vanderwende says that he aims to use state and local resources to strengthen both. When it comes to education, Rep. Vanderwende says he wants to form a partnership with teachers, administrators, and parents to support students. When it comes to first responders, Rep. Vanderwende says that they need more technology, equipment, and funding to keep residents safe. He says that technological advancement is only possible through increasing broadband access in rural District 35 communities.

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