Some gun shops seeing increase in sales, could increase even more after Joe Biden’s projected presidential win

MARYLAND- For some gun shops here in Maryland, they said they have seen a jump in gun sales since March when more social unrest started to happen and when the pandemic broke out.

But gun shop owners, like Jamie Wink, of Winks Sporting Goods, said sales could increase even more after Joe Biden’s projected presidential win.

“January 20th if he’s inaugurated president there’s going to be a lot of panic going on,” Wink said.

Biden, who is a Democrat, has campaigned that he will try to reduce gun violence, which will mean tightening gun control legislation for gun owners and gun stores.

Arthur’s Shooters Supply owner, Bob Arthur, said this is something that is on people’s minds.

“Everybody’s very concerned about this, the liberal folks that typically don’t buy guns are buying guns as fast as they can because Joe Biden has made a big deal about trying to ban guns,” Arthur said.

While both shop owners said their stores are filled with people during this time, they add that lack of inventory on supplies, such as ammunition has made things difficult.

“Business sales are up but the problem is there’s nothing available wholesale so its very difficult to keep the store full of items, and we are having to turn people away on occasion,” Arthur said.

In addition to this, Wink said the amount of first time gun buyers he’s seeing is at an all time high as well.

He said people feel the need to protect themselves and if Biden adds more gun laws restricting the buying of guns that could be a problem for some.

“Around here it would definitely not be liked,” Wink said. “You’re grabbing at straws and you’re trying to pass feel good legislation and the problem is much deeper than that.”

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