Political experts say after this election, mail in voting could become more widespread

DELMARVA – Mail in voting definitely played a huge role in this year’s election cycle. Because of that, political experts say that mail in ballots could become a regular part of our election process going forward. “I do think that the success in terms of the turnout will lead states to try to at least do reviews of their election procedures,” said Delaware State University George Washington Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History and Political Science Dr. Samuel Hoff.

Dr. Hoff says he thinks the mail in voting process could have something to do with the record voter turnout we saw this election. But he adds that if mail in voting does become a bigger player in the election process, many states might have to re-evaluate when they’re allowed to start counting votes. “It could have went smoother and the question of how to do that starts with when did the state allow for the voting,” said Dr. Hoff.

Plus, Dr. Hoff says he thinks the boom in mail in voting was caused by the perfect storm of the COVID-19 pandemic and just how important this election is. “Both sides I think knew the importance of it. That certainly helped to increase the turnout – and don’t forget that some states loosened the registration deadline,” said Dr. Hoff

On the local level, voters in Wicomico County cast more than 15,000 mail in votes as of Thursday. Voters 47ABC spoke with say they wanted to vote by mail to stay healthy and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic and were pleased with how the process went. “I was a little wary because I’ve never done it before. I’ve always enjoyed going to the polls the day of. There’s just something about the atmosphere. I just felt it was the best decision this year. Really the decision was COVID related,” said Karin D’Armi-Hunt.

Another voter says she took advantage of a ballot drop box, and would consider mail in voting in the future. “I just thought it was a no-brainer to drop it off early and have it done and over with and get my vote counted,” said Barbara Mister.

President Trump’s campaign has already filed lawsuits in a number of states over the mail in voting process. Those lawsuits were filed in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia. Judges denied the pleas or dismissed cases in all three states. President Trump’s campaign also announced it plans to file suit in Nevada.

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