Petition against ordinance banning feral cat feeding gains 1,200+ signatures


OCEAN VIEW, Del. – Animal activists in Delaware are once again urging officials in Ocean View to revisit an ordinance involving feral animals, this time by gathering signatures on an online petition.

The ordinance was recently put into place in the town, and bans the feeding of feral animals, including feral cats. Since being enacted, animal activists have spoken out against the new order, saying there are better ways to handle the feral cat population, including trap, neuter, and release practices.

Now, with over 12 hundred signatures on the online petition, those animal activists are hoping to see a change because, they say, the ordinance goes against everything Delaware stands for.

“Delaware is the first no kill state, so you know, we’re a beacon of hope for maybe a small town in a state that kills maybe 100 animals a day, and here we are we have this one town that literally is throwing water on that light,” Naomi Girke, the organizer of the petition, said.

47 ABC did reach out to the mayor’s office, and Mayor John Reddington says the town council has no plans to revisit the ordinance.

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