MSEA calls on Supt. Dr. Karen Salmon to mandate distance learning statewide

MARYLAND – The Maryland State Education Association is calling on state Superintendent Dr. Karen Salmon to have all schools go virtual through the rest of the semester. President of MSEA Cheryl Bost says the state’s health metrics are just too high to keep everyone safe. “As we see the number of positive coronavirus cases increase, hospitalizations, and unfortunately even deaths due to this horrible virus – we know that the state metrics are past what they set for what would be acceptable for opening our schools,” said Bost.

Bost adds that educators want to be back in schools. But she says caution and safety should come first. “If we’re all doing our part – we’re wearing masks, we’re cutting down on social gatherings – we believe then the state superintendent should come out and say statewide, we’re just going to make sure schools are virtual. We’re going to try to flatten the curve,” said Bost.

Plus, Bost tells 47ABC the frequent switching between virtual, hybrid, and in person learning in some counties is putting unnecessary stress on both teachers and students. “That back and forth is different planning, different lessons, different materials, and often in different locations whether you’re at home or you’re in school. That’s a lot of transition, a lot of stress, and we don’t need that right now,” said Bost.

47ABC did reach out to Superintendent Dr. Salmon’s office. They confirmed they received MSEA’s letter, but could not offer further comment.

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