Marylanders weigh the risks of traveling this Thanksgiving holiday

MARYLAND – There’s no doubt about it – this year’s Thanksgiving holiday is going to be much different than any of us have experienced in our lifetimes. Some Marylanders tell 47ABC that this year they’re opting to stay home in order to stay safe from the pandemic. “I have family that’s immunocompromised. So I don’t want to get them sick and I don’t want to get sick either,” said Somerset County resident Kim Vallejo.

Valejo says she’ll be spending her Thanksgiving with a close friend because she doesn’t want to risk getting her family sick. “Since the curve is coming up and all the restrictions are starting to tighten up, what’s the point? I’d rather survive and let’s do this another day,” said Vallejo.

Meanwhile, Worcester County resident Susan Jones says while she doesn’t have to travel because her family lives next door, she probably wouldn’t take the risk either. “Who knows what we may have picked up in the grocery stores. So it may be more about the other people than myself personally,” said Jones.

Even though many are opting to stay home this Thanksgiving , the Associated Press says millions are still flying this holiday despite CDC warnings. They say about one million Americans a day packed airports and planes over the weekend. This coming Sunday is expected to be one of the busiest travel days of the year.

Jones says despite the high number of Americans traveling by air this Thanksgiving, that option wouldn’t be on the table for her. “In looking at some of the airlines and airport lines, it doesn’t seem to be very safe. There’s not a whole lot of social distancing going on. So for me personally, I might be a little hesitant to travel,” said Jones.

On the state level, the Maryland Department of Transportation and the Maryland Department of Health are urging Marylanders to avoid non-essential travel.

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