Maryland Fire officials offering tips on fire safety for this Thanksgiving

MARYLAND — Thanksgiving is on Thursday, and the Maryland state fire marshals office is giving tips on how you can keep your Turkey Day fire-safe.

Among the tips, officials say you should always check your smoke alarms to make sure they’re working. Also, while you’re using the stove top, make sure someone has an eye on it. The leading cause of kitchen fires actually comes from unattended cooking. Another good idea , would be to establish a 3 foot “Kids and Pets Free Zone” around any area where hot foods or drinks are prepared.  Provide games, puzzles, books, etc., outside of the kitchen to keep them busy. Kids can also be involved with preparations with recipes that can be made outside of the kitchen area.  And just in case, fire officials say to make sure you turn handles inward on the stove and countertop to avoid spills.

If you’re cooking with grease, officials say keep a lid around so you can smother small fires. You can do that by sliding the lid over the pan and turning off the burner. Another important tip, keep flammable items like oven mitts and wooden utensils away from the stovetop when it’s on. They also warn to keep matches and lighters out of reach of curious children’s hands. You also shouldn’t leave lit candles unattended or in places where children or pets could knock them over, according to fire officials.

And last but not least, fire officials say to eliminate clutter in the kitchen, because a clean work area allows for better efficiency and fewer chances for mishaps.


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