MAC Center introduces assistive technology to help those battling Alzheimer’s

SALISBURY, Md. – In Salisbury, the MAC Center is introducing new assistive technology to help those battling Alzheimer’s.

The new technology will be at their Caregiver’s Resource Center.

Assistive technology is often a common item or tool that helps the elderly or disabled do the activities they have always done but must now do differently. We’re told using it can contribute to the improvement and maintenance of the quality of life of both patients and their caregivers.

“It’s challenging to each one of us, but we do what we got to do,” Jackie Brown-Thomas, a caregiver.

“Me personally, I don’t want my mom to go to no nursing home, so I personally want to take care of her in our home,” said Brown-Thomas.

November also happens to be National Caregivers Month and the MAC Center says they recognize and thank the unpaid caregivers for everything they do.

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