Local family gives back through music

BERLIN, Md. – The Davis family in Berlin is using their love of music to help people in need.

Together they’ve created a song called Sitting By The Christmas Tree I Swear We’ve Been Good. The band called Paper Scissors says they’re selling it online with hopes to raise money for the Church Mouse Thrift Shop a nonprofit that supports local charities.

“It’s through people like the Davis family and other supporters that help us to do and make it possible to do the outreach that we do do,” said Helen Wiley, coordinator at the Church Mouse Thrift Shop.

The Davis family says along with supporting the nonprofit they also want to bring hope to people during this difficult time.

“We’re Zooming Thanksgiving,” said Josh Davis.

“We’re probably going to Zoom Christmas with a lot of relatives, so anything we can do to feel like we’re together and hopeful is a good thing I think,” said Josh.

47ABC has been following the family since 2019. They say they’ve grown a lot and making music together is quite the experience.

“Making the lyrics is pretty fun to do. We have to figure out how can we make this work. Should we use a minor or major chord?” said Robert Davis.

“At one point we just made it sound really good and we were happy about that,” said Robert.

And dad Josh Davis says these are special moments with his kids that he’ll cherish for years to come.

“I love doing anything with them, but being able to do art is such a cool thing and over four years I’ve gotten to hear them grow up on records, which is a cool and unique thing,” said Josh.

“We’ll always have that.”

The song Sitting By The Christmas Tree I Swear We’ve Been Good is for sale on iTunes right now for 99 cents. For more information on how you can support their efforts, click here.

Click here for more information about the Church Mouse Thrift Shop. 

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