Live Green: Cape May Lewes Ferry

LEWES, DE- For over 50 years, the Cape May-Lewes Ferry has carried visitors to and from the Eastern Shore. As years went by, the Delaware River and Bay Authority made eco-friendly changes to the ferry terminals and vessels. Heath Gehrke, the Director of Ferry Operations, talked about the ferry’s eco-friendly practices and what green changes we could see in the future– check out this week’s Live Green.

The Cape May-Lewes Ferry offers an easy, eco-friendly alternative to driving as it takes you and your vehicle from the Eastern Shore to South Jersey and vice-versa.

“We run 365 days a year, depending on weather, but we attempt to run 365 days a year. And we run anywhere from 4 round trips in the winter when its slow to 13 round trips in the summer when its busiest,” said Heath Gehrke

The Cape May Lewes Ferry recently earned the Cape May County Chamber’s 2020 Environmental Leadership Award for their green initiatives. Those range from having water bottle refill stations on board to car charging stations at the Lewes Ferry Terminal.

“We repowered one of the ferry’s with with what are called tier 3 diesel engines, which have about 37% less emissions than the very old and very dirty diesel engines that we had on that vessel,” explained Gehrke.

The Director of Ferry Operations says they continue to seek out more green changes. In the near future, they plan to open car charging stations at the Cape May terminal. And in the next few years, they plan to start working on an emissionless ferry.

“We are hoping to have money to build a new ferry by 2024. And there are batteries now, that are of sufficient power and small enough size, that I think by the time we build the new ferry, it could be battery powered and have zero emissions,” said Gehrke.

With their green goals in mind, the Cape May-Lewes Ferry not only hopes to inspire visitors and locals to do their part for the environment, but encourage a new, eco-conscious wave of employees to join them on their journey to be green.

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