Homeless facilities planning for Thanksgiving and what changes they will need to make to serve guests

DELMARVA- With just about 2 weeks until Thanksgiving, facilities that help the homeless are trying to figure out ways they can still celebrate the holiday, while keeping everyone safe.

“I’m hoping that it wont ruin the importance of a family, its just allowing us to be creative in how we can come together,” Anthony Dickerson, Executive Dickerson of The Christian Shelter, said.

For the Christian Shelter, in Salisbury, Dickerson said he’s worried about volunteers this year.

He said normally they have anywhere from 20 to 30 volunteers, but this year that likely will not be the case.

“We may not get as many volunteers that we normally because of the stipulations that the Governor has put in place,” Dickerson said.

Dickerson said along with that challenge they are still trying to figure out how they will serve their guests.

“The volunteers served the guests and now we are going to have to figure out whats the best to be able to get their meal,” Dickerson said.

Meanwhile at the Shepherds Office, in Georgetown, they also won’ t be able to have their traditional sit down Thanksgiving dinner.

“This year because of COVID- 19 we have to keep everything outside and we just have to do a grab and go, can’t have anybody congregate, we have to just give the meal out and then they would go wherever they go,” Jim Martin, the founder of the Shepherd’s Office, said.

The Shepherds Office said they will be teaming up with another organization in the area this year, which they said will be very beneficial.

“There’s just more of a roster of volunteers that we are going to have, we are going to combine are forces and work together,” Martin said.

Both shelters said they will be abiding by all CDC guidelines.

The Shepherds Office added that they will have arrows and signs reminding people of those guidelines.

The Christian Shelter says they will be having gatherings all day on Thanksgiving.

Dickerson said they will have to limit how many volunteers they will be able to have in one room.

The Shepherd’s Office added their event will happen Thanksgiving day from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

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