DSU professor emeritus weighs in on 2020 presidential election

DOVER, Del. – On Saturday, former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden was elected to be 46th president of the United States.

Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris pledged to work for unity and changes.

“I will spare no effort, none, or any commitment to turn around this pandemic,” said Biden on Saturday in Wilmington.

“While I may be the first woman in this office, I will not be the last,” said Kamala Harris.

But President Donald Trump is fighting back pledging to take legal action over the election and take it to the Supreme Court. He says the people did not have an honest vote count. But a local professor at Delaware State University says the court will most likely not be able to change the outcome of the election.

“Unless something really radically, out of the ordinary comes up, the court will not intervene and even if they do I think it will be in a limited sense,” said George Washington Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History and Political Science Dr. Samuel Hoff.

He says recounts in states like Georgia, Nevada, or Arizona probably won’t make a huge difference in the presidential election.

“I did an investigation of recounts of other elections in those states over the last 20 years and there were no changes as a result of those recounts,” said Hoff.

“So, we use that as a prototype example. It doesn’t look good for the Trump team,” said Hoff.

On top of that, he believes President Trump’s claims over voter fraud won’t stop Biden from winning.

“In my view, nothing could change that outcome,” said Hoff.

“I think that the states that were focused originally on Election Day for disputes of recounts are mostly out of hand now,” said Hoff.

Hoff adds that if he wants President Trump could run for office again in the future.

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