Delaware taking part in imitative to boost adoptions, support foster care system

DELAWARE – Delaware is joining in on an initiative to encourage more adoptions and support the foster care system in the first state. The ALL IN Foster Adoption Challenge aims to boost adoption numbers in the state. The second part of it is to increase the numbers of families who are able to provide foster care for children. “Delaware, probably like most states across the nation, would always like to have more foster parents. Our goal for any child that is unable to be with his or her family is to make sure that they have a safe and nurturing family that they can live with,” said Division of Family Services Director Trenee Parker.

Parker says it doesn’t just stop there. People can also get involved by serving as mentors for children in the foster care system. “For some of our youth, they may need the opportunity to have connections with a positive adult in perhaps a mentor type of role. So we’re hoping that with this initiative we can encourage individuals and even businesses who are interested in supporting children that are in foster care to be a part of that process,” said Parker.

Parker adds that the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down some of the adoption process. For example, doing home and background checks plus family court proceedings was slowed down because of social distancing or court closures. So that explains why this initiative is so important right now.

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