Acting Wicomico County Executive meets with local leaders to discuss future of county


QUANTICO, Md. – Acting Wicomico County Executive John Psota met with local leaders and business owners to reflect on his first two months in office and discuss plans for the county’s future. Psota says the top issue right now is recovering from the financial impact of COVID-19. “I believe that the model for economic prosperity is to grow your way out of it, not necessarily tax your way out of it,” said Psota.

Psota says one way to do that is invest in future projects that could build economic opportunity for Wicomico County – like emphasizing the effort behind improving the Salisbury Airport. President and CEO of the Salisbury Chamber of Commerce Bill Chambers agrees. Chambers says he looks forward to working with Psota to strengthen the project and get it done. “The airport is a huge priority. It is already an economic engine as we’ve been talking about. But we need to continue to press forward. We have competition from other air facilities to our north and to our south,” said Chambers.

Another top issue for Psota is investing in and improving community infrastructure like broadband and water treatment. Chambers says from a business perspective it’s important to take issues like those and make the best of them. “Water and sewer and storm water management are huge for flood plane communities. We are a flood plane community. We need to find ways to capitalize on that weakness and make it a strength,” said Chambers.

Psota says that the projects planned for the future will take a lot of financial planning, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic. “We will be sorting out the projects that we can fund over the next several years. We believe that we can fund at this time anywhere from $85 to $90 million,” said Psota.

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