Wicomico H.O.T. team brings resources to the homeless

SALISURY, Md. – Various organizations in Wicomico County are joining forces, in order to better serve the homeless population.

The City of Salisbury Housing First Team, the Salisbury/Wicomico Integrated First-care Team,  and HOPE incorporated are all teaming up to create the Wicomico Homeless Outreach Team, otherwise known as H.O.T.

This team will get members of the homeless community access to doctors, help with getting ID’s , birth certificates and more.
And instead of the homeless having to travel to find resources themselves, this team will actually be going out into the community themselves in order to provide people with help right then and there.

“Right now we don’t have funding needs per say but we’re looking into how we can get some funding for like sleeping bags, medical supplies, and different things like that, that they might need on the street,” says Homeless Services Case Manager, Joe Ruffo.

The H.O.T team is always looking to partner with new people and organizations to further assist those experiencing homelessness.
They tell us that they will be going out every other Monday to find and provide services to those in need.

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